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MACKSENNETT KEYSTONE-TRIANGLE (two reels each unless noted)

Oriental Love  (released 5/27/17)
Director: Walter Wright and/or Clarence Badger
Ora Carew, Joseph Belmont, Joseph Callahan, Nick Cogley, Andy Anderson, Blanche Payson, Edgar Kennedy, Sid Smith, (Ben Turpin?)

Cactus Nell  (6/3/17)
Director: Fred Fishback 
Assiatant Director: Whitey Sovern   camera: J.R. Lockwood
Polly Moran, Wayland Trask, Wallace Beery, Dora Rodgers, Cliff Bowes, Joey Jacobs, Robert Kortman(?), (Ben Turpin?)

Sole Mates  (6/4/17)
One reel Triangle Comedy   
Director: Herman Haymaker
cam: Roger Dale Armstrong
Ben Turpin, Florence Clarke, Vivian Edwards, Alfred Gronell

A Clever Dummy  (6/15/17)
Director: Herman Raymaker
Asst Dirs: Robert Kerr & Ferris Hartman
cinematographer: Elgin Lessley
Ben Turpin (a janitor), James Donnelly (an inventor), Claire Anderson (his daughter), James Delano (the partner), Juanita Hansen (showgirl), Chester Conklin (stagehand), Wallace Beery (theater owner), Joseph Belmont, Eva Thatcher (in audience)  (wt: The Automaton Figure)

Lost – A Cook  (8/12/17)  
Director: Fred Fishback (?)
Mack Swain, Ethel Teare, Joey Jacobs, Maude Wayne, Cliff Bowes, Sylvia Ashton, Mal St. Clair, Ben Turpin as a party guest.
The Pawnbroker's Heart

The Pawnbroker’s Heart  (8/19/17)  (UCLA)
Director: Eddie Cline (?)  
Chester Conklin, Glen Cavender, Caroline Rankin, Peggy Pearce, Ben Turpin, Alice Maison (wt: A Safe Arrangement)

(two reels each unless noted)

Roping Her Romeo with Slim Summerville, Polly Moran, and Ben
A Bedroom Blunder 
MS1 (10/7/17)
(re-released in 1923 as Room 23)
Dir: Eddie Cline  
cam: Phil Whitman
Charlie Murray, Mary Thurman, Wayland Trask, Pat Forde (aka Frank Terry), Eva Thatcher, Glen Cavender, James Donnelly, Wallace Beery, Tom Kennedy, Gonda Durand, Phyllis Haver, Vera Steadman, Roxanna McGowan,  Marvel Rea, Eddie Cline. Ben Turpin in small role as desk clerk at the Sea Shell Inn, second reel.

Roping Her Romeo 
MS2  (10/21/17)
Dir: Fred Fishback; asst dir: Whitey Sovern
cam: Hans Koenekamp
Polly Moran, Ben Turpin (Honest-Eyed Jack, A Poor Butterfly), Slim Summerville, Ethel Teare, Eva Thatcher, Wayland Trask, James Donnelly, Gonda Durand, Eleanor Field, Phyllis Haver, Pat Kelly, Roxana McGowan, Marvel Rea,
Edith Valk, Vera Steadman  (wt: A Love-
sick Bandit)

Slim Summerville, Turpin, Glen Cavender in Are Waitresses Safe?
Are Waitresses Safe? 
MS4  (11/18/17)
Dir: Victor Heerman  
cam: Fred Jackman
Louise Fazenda, Ben Turpin (Who Loved Her So), Slim Summerville, Glen Cavender, Tony O’Sullivan, Cliff Bowes, Wayland Trask,  Jack Cooper, Grover Ligon, Al McKinnon, Wallace Beery, Tom Kennedy, Phyllis Haver, Gonda Durand, Laura LaVarnie, Roxanna McGowan, Gene Rogers, Hal Haig Prieste

That Night  
MS6  (12/16/17)
Dir: Eddie Cline   cam: Fred Jackman
Charles Murray, Mary Thurman, Wayland Trask, Wallace Beery, Vera Steadman, Phyllis Haver, Gene Rogers, Roxanna McGowan, Marvel Rea, Eva Thatcher, Glen Cavender, Tom Kennedy, Pat Kelly, (Ben Turpin?)

Taming Target Center  
MS7 (12/30/17)   Dir: William S. Campbell   cam: Fred Jackman
Polly Moran (the new sheriff), Ben Turpin (the sheriff), Gonda Durand (his leading vampire), Tom Kennedy (cafe proprietor), Larry McGrath (the parson), Gene Rogers, George Binns, Marvel Rea, Grover Ligon, Frank J. Coleman

Watch Your Neighbor 
MS10 (2/10/18)   Dir: Victor Heerman    cam: Fred Jackman
Charles Murray, Mary Thurman, Wayland Trask, Gene Rogers, Edgar Kennedy, Frank J. Coleman, Harry Booker, Cliff Bowes, Billy Armstrong, Albert Gillespie, Marvel Rea, Vera Steadman, Roxanna McGowan, (Ben Turpin?)

Sheriff Nell’s Tussle  
MS12 (2/24/1918)  (UCLA)  
Dir: William S. Campbell   
cam: Fred Jackman & Kenneth MacLean
Polly Moran, Ben Turpin (Still After Her), Billy Armstrong, Gonda Durand, Frank J. Coleman, Al McKinnon, Gene Rogers, Pat Kelly

Saucy Madeline  
MS15 (4/21/1918)
Dir: F. Richard Jones   
cam: Fred Jackman & J.R. Lockwood 
Polly Moran, Ben Turpin (A Rolling Stone Out of Work), Charles Lynn, Jack Cooper, Frank J. Coleman, Harry Gribbon, Wayland Trask, George Jeske, Gonda Durand, Alice Maison, Sloppy Gray
Main cast and crew of Saucy Madeline. Left to right, seated: Jack Cooper, Frank J. Coleman, Polly Moran, F. Richard Jones, Phyllis Haver, Charles Lynn, Gonda Durand, Turpin. Standing left to right: Sloppy Gray, J.R. Lockwood, (three men unidentified, and Garry O'Dell.
His Smothered Love  
MS16 (5/5/1918)  (MOMA)   Director: Eddie Cline   camera: Fred Jackman & Phil Whitman
Chester Conklin, Harry Gribbon, Marie Prevost, Jack Cooper, Laura LaVarnie, Alice Maison, Paddy McQuire, Wayland Trask, Marvel Rea, Phyllis Haver, Vera Steadman, Frank J. Coleman, Slim Summerville, Erle Kenton, Gonda Durand, Billy Gilbert. Turpin in small role as Conklin’s messenger boy.

The Battle Royal  
MS17 (5/19/1918)   Director: F. Richard Jones   camera: Fred Jackman & J.R. Lockwood
Ben Turpin (After a Wife), Charles Lynn, Polly Moran, Wayland Trask, Fanny Kelly, Al McKinnon, George Jeske, Glen Cavender, Abdul Maljan, Teddy, Pat Kelly, Billy Gilbert, Eva Thatcher, Hal Haig Prieste

Love Loops the Loop  
MS18 (6/2/1918)  (MOMA)   Director: Walter Wright    camera: Fred Jackman & Hans Koenekamp
Charlie Murray, Mary Thurman, Wayland Trask, Harry Booker, Laura LaVarnie, Abdul, Paddy McQuire, Gene Rogers, Al McKinnon, Bert Gillespie, Roxanna McGowan, Phyllis Haver, Vera Steadman. Ben in small role as cafe bandleader

Two Tough Tenderfeet  
MS19 (6/16/1918)   Director: F. Richard Jones    camera: Fred Jackman & J.R. Lockwood
Ben Turpin (a crooked tenderfoot), Charles Lynn (his pal), Polly Moran (the sheriff of Crooked Bend), Bert Roach (owns the town & wants to own the sheriff), Laura LaVarnie (the sheriff’s mother), Jack Cooper, Wayland Trask, Hank Mann, Paddy McQuire, Roxanna McGowan, Billy Gilbert, Ed  Kennedy

Her Screen Idol  
MS20 (7/1/18)
Director: Eddie Cline
cam: Fred Jackman & J.R. Lockwood
Louise Fazenda, Ford Sterling, Jack Cooper, Glen
Cavender, Edgar Kennedy, Gene Rogers, Marvel Rea, Laura LaVarnie, Roxanna McGowan, Marie Prevost, Teddy, (Ben Turpin?)

She Loved Him Plenty  
MS23 (8/11/1918)
Dir: F. Richard Jones   
cam: Fred Jackman & J.R. Lockwood
Ben Turpin (A Fickle Youth), Charles Lynn, Polly Moran, Marie Prevost, Edgar Kennedy, Al McKinnon, Gonda Durand, Harriet Hammond, Phyllis Haver, Pat Kelly, Roxanna McGowan, Eva Thatcher, George Gray
- - - - - - -
It’s A Cinch  
(c9/10 1918 Liberty Loan Special)
Director? - one reel 

Louise Fazenda, Ford Sterling, Chester Conklin, Ben Turpin (selling bonds), Charlie Lynn, Phyllis Haver, Tom Kennedy, Pat Kelly, Mal St. Clair, Dave Anderson 

MS26 (9/22/18)   Dir: F. Richard Jones   
cam: Fred Jackman & J.R. Lockwood 

Ben Turpin (Eagle Eye Jack, Detective), Charles Lynn, Marie Prevost, Tom Kennedy, Chester Conklin, Bert Roach, Al McKinnon, Eva Thatcher, Pat Kelly 
Charles Lynn, Marie Prevost, Tom Kennedy, Turpin, and others in Sleuths!
- - - - - - -
Whose Little Wife Are You?  
MS28 (11/17/1918)
Dir: Eddie Cline
cam: Fred & Floyd Jackman
Charlie Murray, Eva Thatcher, Joseph “Baldy” Belmont, Alice Lake, Wayland Trask, Mary Thurman, Paddy McQuire, Tom Kennedy, Teddy, Pepper, Harriet Hammond, Phyllis Haver, Laura LaVarnie, Marie Prevost, Vera Steadman; Ben & Charles Lynn in a surprise appearance, floating on raft thru Murray’s flooded pharmacy.

Tom Kennedy, Marie Prevost, Charlie and Ben, Hide and Seek, Detectives
Hide and Seek, Detectives
MS31 (12/15/1918)
Dir: Eddie Cline
cam: Fred Jackman and Phil Whitman
Ben Turpin (A Detective), Charles Lynn, Marie Prevost, Gene Rogers, Tom Kennedy, Al McKinnon, Paddy McQuire, Charles Murray
MPW: It is not expected that the ingenuity and fun-making ability of Sennett will always flow in a torrent, though the font has seemed inexhaustible at times, but he manages to introduce some new features in each release, even if compelled to rely on older situations for his rough and tumble style of production. A farcical presentation of Turpin and Lynn as detectives, very swift in action, but lacking in true humorous situations. Exaggeration that it is, there is some humor, and it is to be hoped that the human element, that of characterization, will broaden in future releases. There is not enough of it, and almost too much activity by trick work with the camera for a modern audience. There is, however, plenty of material in the farce for good laughs. 
Cupid's Day Off
MS35 (1/12/19)   Director: Eddie Cline   
cam: Fred Jackman & Hans Koenekamp
Ben Turpin & Charles Lynn (A Couple of
Shoe Men), Alice Lake, Tom Kennedy, Eva
Thatcher, Bothwell Browne, Bert Roach,
Hughie Mack, Abdul Maljan, Harriet

East Lynne with Variations  
MS37 (2/23/19)  (EYE)
Director: Eddie Cline  
Ben Turpin (A Matinee Idol), Charles Lynn (the villian), Marie Prevost (the girl), Tom Kennedy, Bobby Dunn, Alice Lake, Bert Roach, Ford Sterling, Marvel Rea, BillyArmstrong, James Finlayson

The Village Smithy  
MS38 (3/9/19)  (Filmoteca Espanola)
Director: F. Richard Jones   
cam: Fred Jackman & J.R. Lockwood
Louise Fazenda, Chester Conklin, James Finlayson, Kalla Pasha, Paddy McQuire, Billy Armstrong, Al McKinnon, Fanny Kelly, Ben Turpin (cameo) 

The Foolish Age with Phyllis Haver, Jim Finlayson, Louise Fazenda,
Chester Conklin, Turpin, Charlie Lynn, Paddy McQuire, Garry Odell
The Foolish Age  
MS42 (4/13/19)
Director: F. Richard Jones   
cam: Fred Jackman & J.R. Lockwood
Louise Fazenda, Chester Conklin, James Finlayson, Phyllis Haver, Kalla Pasha, Paddy McQuire, Garry Odell. Ben Turpin & Charles Lynn in a small role as a couple sour musicians.

Ben, Marie Prevost, and Charlie Lynn in When Love is Blind
When Love Is Blind  
MS40 (5/11/19)
Director: Eddie Cline   
cam: Fred Jackman & Phil Whitman
Ben Turpin & Charles Lynn (Men About Town), Alfred McKinnon (a detective), Marvel Rea (his wife), Phyllis Haver (a blonde), Marie Prevost (a brunette), Erle C. Kenton, Gene Rogers, Kalla Pasha, John Rand, Charlie Murray, Pepper

Love’s False Faces  
MS41 (5/25/19)
Director: F. Richard Jones   
cam: Fred Jackman & J.R. Lockwood
Chester Conklin, Marie Prevost, James Finlayson, Kalla Pasha, Billy Armstrong, Charlotte Mineau, Edgar Kennedy, Eddie Gribbon. Ben & Charles Lynn in a small role as a couple of free-loading drinkers.

No Mother to Guide Him  
MS45 (6/8/19 or 6/22/19)
Dir: Erle Kenton & Mal St. Clair   
cam: Fred Jackman & Hans Koenekamp
Ben Turpin (A Happy Married Man), Myrtle Lind (his wife), Charles Lynn (the other man), Baldy Belmont (a true friend), Isabelle Keep, Billy Armstrong, Fanny Kelly, Edgar Kennedy

Trying to Get Along  
MS46 (7/6/19)
Dir: F. Richard Jones   
cam: Fred Jackman & J.R. Lockwood
Charlie Murray, Charlotte Mineau, Kalla Pasha, James Finlayson, Fanny Kelly, Ford Sterling, Eva Thatcher, Eddie Gribbon, Baldy Belmont, Harriet Hammond, Teddy, Harry Gribbon, Isabelle Keep, Kathryn McGuire, Gladys Whitfield. Turpin & Charlie Lynn in a small role as a couple of diners

Yankee Doodle in Berlin with (L to R): Garry Odell, John Rand, Mal St. Clair, Turpin, Ford Sterling, Charlie Lynn,
Bert Roach, Harriet Hammond, Baldy Belmont, and all eyes on Bothwell Browne in drag
Yankee Doodle in Berlin
#31 (7/28/19)  Five reels   Director: F. Richard Jones 
Bothwell Browne, Ford Sterling, Marie Prevost, Mal St. Clair, Bert Roach, Ben Turpin (German Soldier), Charlie Murray, Chester Conklin, Edgar Kennedy, Kalla Pasha, Frank Hayes, Joseph Belmont, Fanny Kelly, Eva Thatcher, Wayland Trask, Al McKinnon, Jim Finlayson, Charles Lynn (wt: The Kaiser’s Last Squeal)

MACKSENNETT-PARAMOUNT (continued, two reels each unless noted):

Charlie Murray as The Dentist, with Marie Prevost, Ben, (?), and Garry Odell
Treating ‘em Rough  
MS49? (8/3/19)
Fred Jackman   
cam: Fred & George Jackman
Louise Fazenda, Baldy Belmont, Pat Kelly, Edgar Kennedy, Billy Bevan, Ford Sterling, Jack Ackroyd, Jimmy Finlayson. Ben Turpin cameo as a drunk

The Dentist  
MS50? (8/17/19)  (Filmarchiv Austria)
F. Richard Jones   
cam: Fred Jackman & J.R. Lockwood
Charlie Murray (the dentist), Charlotte Mineau (his wife), Eddie Gribbon, Kalla Pasha (her disreputable brothers), James Finlayson (a real estate agent), Marie Prevost (his stenographer), Fanny Kelly (his wife), Hughie Mack, Baldy Belmont, Phyllis Haver, Pat Kelly, Garry Odell, Pepper the cat. Turpin cameo as an eccentric dental patient

Uncle Tom Without a Cabin  
MS48 (8/31/19)   Ray Hunt   cam: Fred Jackman & Perry Evans
Ben Turpin (A man of many parts), Charles Conklin (the villian), Marie Prevost (the leading lady), Ford Sterling (a compli-mentary audience), Eva Thatcher (a critic), James Finlayson (a stage-door Johnnie), Teddy (a bloodhound), Billy Bevan, Eddie Gribbon, Kalla Pasha, John Rand, Isabelle Keep, Kathryn McGuire, Dave Anderson, Gladys Whitfield

Up in Alf’s Place   MS53 (10/12/19)  (UCLA)
Dir: F. Richard Jones    cam: Fred Jackman & J.R. Lockwood
Charlie Murray, Harriet Hammond, Charlotte Mineau, Kalla Pasha, Jim Finlayson, Fanny Kelly, Billy Armstrong, Gordon Lewis, Marvin Lobach, John Rand, Grover Ligon, Edgar Kennedy, Dave Anderson, Mildred June, Thelma Hill, Kathryn McGuire

Salome Vs Shenandoah with Heine Conklin, Ben, Pat Kelly, Phyllis Haver
Salome vs. Shenandoah  
MS54 (10/26/19) 
(Filmoteca Espanola, Madrid)
Directors: Erle Kenton & Ray Grey
Ben Turpin (John the Baptist and A Confederate Spy), Charlie Lynn, Phyllis Haver, Charlie Murray, Marie Prevost, Eddie Gribbon, Ford Sterling, Eva Thatcher, Harry Gribbon, Billy Bevan, Al Cooke, Elva Diltz, Fanny Kelly, Alice Maison, Kathryn McGuire, Bert Roach, Charles Murray, Annette DeGandis, Sibye Trevilla, Gladys Whitfield

A Lady’s Tailor   MS51 (12/7/19)
Directors: Erle Kenton & Ray Grey 
cam: Fred Jackman & Vic Scheurich
Ford Sterling, Bert Roach, Harriet Hammond, Eva Thatcher, Billy Bevan, Kathryn McGuire, Phyllis Haver, John Rand, Myrtle Lind, Ben Turpin cameo

The Star Boarder with Bert Roach, Turpin, and Harriet Hammond
The Speak-Easy   MS58 (12/21/19) 
Dir: F. Richard Jones   
cam: Fred Jackman & J.R. Lockwood
Charlie Murray, Fanny Kelly, Marie Prevost, Eddie Gribbon, Garry Odell, Pat Kelly, Baldy Belmont, Al Cooke, James Finlayson, Bert Roach, George O’Hara, Ben Turpin cameo as a drunk in speak-easy

The Star Boarder  MS59 (1/4/20)   Director: James Davis   
cam: Fred Jackman & Perry Evans
Louise Fazenda (a kitchen slavey), Billy Armstrong (a gentleman crook), Bert Roach (a boarding housekeeper/barber), Harriet Hammond (a manicurist/Bert’s wife), John Henry, Jr. (their baby), Billy Bevan (Armstrong’s accomplice), Baldy Belmont (Louise’s sweetheart), Teddy, Marvin Loback, Kalla Pasha. Ben cameo as cigar salesman/customer in barbershop

Down on the Farm behind the scenes with Turpin, Eddie Gribbon, Kalla Pasha, and the Sennett girls
Down on the Farm   #56 (4/25/20) 5 reels
Directors: Erle Kenton & Ray Grey
cam: Fred Jackman, Perry Evans & Victor Scheurich
Louise Fazenda, Harry Gribbon, James Finlayson, Bert Roach, Marie Prevost, Billy Armstrong, John Henry, Jr., Ben Turpin (as Marie’s husband), Eva Thatcher, Phyllis Haver, Mildred June, Harriet Hammond, Teddy, Pepper, Baldy Belmont, Elva Diltz, Fanny Kelly, Pat Kelly, Charles Murray, Kalla Pasha, Virginia Fox, Kathryn McGuire, Jane Allen, Thelma Bates

Married Life with Turpin, Phyllis Haver, Jim Finlayson, and Heine Conklin


Married Life 
#57 (6/15/20) Five reels
Directors: Erle Kenton, Reggie Morris & Ray Griffith
camera: Fred Jackman
Ben Turpin (Rodney St. Clair, A Man’s Man), Phyllis Haver, James Finlayson, Heinie Conklin, Ford Sterling, Charlotte Mineau, Kalla Pasha, Charlie Murray, Louise Fazenda, Baldy Belmont, Billy Bevan, Al Cooke, Eddie Gribbon, John Henry, Jr, Harriet Hammond, Pat Kelly, Bert Roach, Eva Thatcher. Some footage extant.


You Wouldn’t Believe It!   MS64? (6/27/20)
Dir: Erle Kenton    cam: Fred Jackman & Victor Scheurich
Heinie Conklin, Marie Prevost, Bert Roach, James Finlayson, Charlotte Mineau, Eddie Gribbon, (Ben Turpin?)

The Quack Doctor   MS67 (7/4/20)
Dirs: George Gray & Billy Bevan  cam: Fred Jackman & Perry Evans
Louise Fazenda, Billy Bevan, Gordon Lewis, Gladys Ballard, Dave Anderson, Kalla Pasha, Billy Armstrong, John Henry Jr., Fanny Kelly. Ben Turpin cameo as Justice of the Peace


A Small Town Idol
#75 (2/20/21)  Six reels
(originally scheduled for release 1/16/21)
Director: Erle C. Kenton 
story: Ray Griffith & John Grey 
continuity: Tom Regan
camera: Fred Jackman, Perry Evans, & Ernie Crockett
editor: Allen McNeil  
costumes: Violet Schofield
Ben Turpin, Phyllis Haver, Marie Prevost, Charlie Murray, James Finlayson, Dot Farley, Bert Roach, Billy Bevan, George O’Hara, Lige Conley, Kalla Pasha, Eddie Gribbon, Charles “Heine” Conklin, Al Cooke, Fanny Kelly, Pat Kelly, Bud Ross, Andy Clyde, Gordon Lewis, John Rand, Gary Odell, Harriet Hammond, Mildred June, Marvin Lobach, Kewpie Morgan, Ramon Novarro, Derelys Perdue, Gladys Whitfield. Re-released in 1930 and again by Vitaphone in 1939 in two reels


Home Talent with James Finlayson, Eddie Gribbon, Ben, and Kalla Pasha
She Sighed by the Seaside  
MS69 (5/22/21)  (Lobster Films, France)
Director: Erle C. Kenton   
cam: Fred Jackman, C.G. Crane &Victor Scheurich
Ben Turpin (A Saver of Lifes), Marie Prevost, James Finlayson, Heinie Conklin, Bert Roach, Charlotte Mineau, Tiny Ward, Lige Conley, Jack Ackroyd, Al Cooke, Jane Allen, Thelma Bates, Elva Diltz, Virginia Fox, Isabelle Keep, Kathryn McGuire, Gladys Whitfield, Irene Tiver

Home Talent  
#91 (6/19/21)  Five reels
Director: Mack Sennett   
cam: Fred Jackman and Perry Evans
Roman Sequences cam: James Abbe
Ben Turpin (A Stranded Actor), Phyllis Haver, Charles Murray, James Finlayson, Dot Farley, Eddie Gribbon, Kalla Pasha, Kathryn McGuire, Harriet Hammond, Billy Bevan, Joseph Belmont, Jane Allen, Virginia Fox, Mildred June, Pat Kelly,
Kathryn McGuire, Irene Tiver. Some foot-
age extant. (wt: Furnished Rooms)

Love’s Outcast   #88  (7/3/21)
Director: Raymond Griffith   
cam: Fred Jackman and Perry Evans
Ben Turpin, Dot Farley, Kathryn McGuire, James Finlayson, Billy Bevan, Mildred June, Kalla Pasha, Al Cooke, Bud Ross, Jack Richardson. Some footage extant.
- - - - - - -
Behind the Scenes at the Mack Sennett Studios   (re cSept 1921)
“interesting and informal glimpses of the Sennett Company, Bathing Girls, Teddy, Pepper, and Ben Turpin” Marie Prevost, Phyllis Haver, Mildred June. A special publicity film shown during Ben Turpin's personal appearance tour at this time.

Ben and Phyllis Haver,  Love and Doughnuts
Love and Doughnuts   #95 (9/15/21)
Director: Roy Del Ruth
Ben Turpin, Phyllis Haver, Billy Bevan, Mildred June, Kewpie Morgan, Franklyn Bond, Al Cooke, Billy Armstrong. Some footage extant.

Molly O’  
(12/1/21)   #81   Six reels  
Dir: F. Richard Jones
Mabel Normand, George Nichols, Anna Hernandez, Albert Hackett, Jack Mulhall, Jacqueline Logan, Ben Deeley, (Turpin not in extant footage, small supposed appear-ance unverified)

Bright Eyes  
#92 (12/24/21)
Dirs: Mal St. Clair & Roy Del Ruth
cam: Fred Jackman & George Jackman
Ben Turpin (A Rural Romeo), Phyllis Haver, Billy Bevan, Harriet Hammond, Dot Farley, Bud Ross, George O’Hara, Gordon Lewis, Kalla Pasha, Jack Richardson, Louise Fazenda 
(wt:Tripped at the Altar)

Jack Richardson shouldn’t flirt with Ben’s girl, Phyllis Haver, in Step Forward
The Border Line  
#97 (1922 never produced)
Ben Turpin, Phyllis Haver, Billy Bevan,
Kewpie Morgan, Al Cooke, Franklyn Bond

Step Forward  
#100 (4/13/22)
Director: Gus Meins   
cam: Perry Evans & Ernie Crockett
Ben Turpin (A Motorman), Phyllis Haver, Heinie Conklin, Kewpie Morgan, George Nichols, Jack Richardson, Dorothy Vernon, Andy Clyde, Kalla Pasha, Fanny Kelly, Andy Clyde, Pat Kelly, Gordon Lewis, Joe Bordeaux
(wt:The Robin’s Nest).

Home Made Movies  
#102 (7/15/22)
Directors: Ray Grey & Gus Meins   
cam: Homer Scott & Bob Walters   
editor: Allen McNeil
Ben Turpin, Phyllis Haver, Dot Farley, James Finlayson, George Cooper, Al Cooke, Andy Clyde, Cecile Evans, Joe Bordeaux. Some footage extant.
(wt:The Frozen Trail)

Kathryn McGuire with The Shriek of Araby
The Shriek of Araby   #108 (4/24/23)  Five reels
Director: F. Richard Jones    camera: Homer Scott & Bob Walters
editor: Allen McNeil   story: John Grey
Ben Turpin (The Shriek), Kathryn McGuire, Ray Grey, George Cooper, Louis Fronde, Charles Stevenson, Dick Sutherland, Walter Perry, Kewpie Morgan, Marion Nixon  (wt:The Shriek)

MACKSENNETT for PATHE (Two Reels each)
Where’s My Wandering Boy This Evening?  
Where’s My Wandering Boy This Evening? with Madeline Hurlock, Ben,
Jimmy Finlayson, and Billy Armstrong
#113 (7/8/23)
Director: J.A. Waldron  
camera: Blake Wagner & Ernie Crockett  
editor: Ray Enright
Ben Turpin, Pricilla Bonner, Dot Farley, James Finlayson, Madeline Hurlock, Billy Armstrong, Wheeler Dryden, Fanny Kelly, Pat Kelly, Teddy, Billy Gilbert, Jack Duffy, Gordon Lewis
(wt:Deserted at the Church)

Ben, Mack Swain, Madeline Hurlock in Pitfalls of a Big City
Pitfalls of a Big City  
#114 (9/2/23)
Director: John A. Waldron   
cam: Blake Wagner & Ernie Crockett
Supv: F. Richard Jones
Ben Turpin, Pricilla Bonner, Dot Farley, Madeline Hurlock, Jimmy Finlayson, Mack Swain, Bud Ross, Billy Bevan, Billy Armstrong, Andy Clyde, Kewpie Morgan. Short clip extant. Herman Raymaker was supposed to direct

Asleep at the Switch with (seated) Bud Ross, Madeline Hurlock,
Ben and, in back, Billy Armstrong with Kewpie Morgan
Asleep at the Switch  
#116 (10/14/23)
Director: Roy Del Ruth   
cam: Ernie Crockett & Bob Walters  
ed: Ray Enright
Supv: F. Richard Jones
Ben Turpin, Kewpie Morgan, Madeline Hurlock, Bud Ross, Billy Armstrong, Fanny Kelly, Cameo (the dog), Cecile Evans, Margaret Cloud, Andy Clyde, Gordon Lewis. Clip used in Robert Youngson’s Days of Thrills and Laughter.

The Dare-Devil  
#118 (11/25/23)
Director: Del Lord   
cam: Blake Wagner
story: Al Martin
Supv: F. Richard Jones
Ben Turpin (Joe Magee), Irene Lentz, Harry Gribbon, Kewpie Morgan, Jack Richardson, Madeline Hurlock, Arthur Rowlands, Gordon Lewis, Bob Wagner. (wt: The Stunt Man)

Menaced by Fred Spencer in Ten Dollars or Ten Days
Ten Dollars or Ten Days  
#120 (1/6/24)
Director: Del Lord   
cam: Blake Wagner
spec cam: Ernie Crockett  
titles: J.A. Waldron   
Supv: F. Richard Jones
Ben Turpin (A Soda Jerk), Irene Lentz, Harry Gribbon, Bud Ross, Louise Carver, Spencer Bell, Silas Wilcox, Ernie Adams, Billy Gilbert, Fred Spencer. Filmed in August 1923. Clip used in Robert Youngson’s The Golden Age of Comedy. (wt: Sidetracked)

The Hollywood Kid  
#117 and/or #133 (3/30/24)
Director: Roy Del Ruth   
cam: Bob Ladd & E.B. DuPar
spec cam: Ernie Crockett
ed: Wm. Hornbeck
titles: J.A. Waldron 
Supv: F. Richard Jones
Jackie Lucas, Charlie Murray, Louise Carver, Vernon Dent, Andy Clyde, Jack Cooper, Madeline Hurlock, Bud Ross, Ray Grey, Alice Belcher, Cameo (the dog), Billy Bevan, Elsie Tarron, Sunshine Hart, Cecile Evans, Thelma Hill, Marvin Lobach, Margaret Cloud, Evelyn Francisco, Gladys Tennyson, Dorothy Dore, Billy (the chimp), Ben Turpin cameo

Yukon Jake  
#128 (6/6/24)
Director: Del Lord   
cam: Ernie Crockett & George Spear
ed: Wm Hornbeck
titles: J.A. Waldron  
Supv: F. Richard Jones
Ben Turpin (Sheriff Cyclone Bill), Natalie Kingston, Kalla Pasha, Jack Richardson, Leo Sulky, Bud Ross, Eli Stanton, Thelma Hill, Lois Boyd, Tiny Ward, Gladys Tennyson, Fanny Kelly, Elsie Tarron, Joe Young, Hazel Williams. Clip used in Robert Youngson’s When Comedy Was King. (wt: North of ‘57)

Romeo and Juliet 
#140 (8/3/24)   (EYE)
Directors: Harry Sweet & Reggie Morris   
cam: George Crocker & George Unholz
spec cam: Ernie Crockett  
ed: Wm Hornbeck
titles: J.A. Waldron  
Supv: F. Richard Jones
Ben Turpin, Alice Day, Natalie Kingston, Vernon Dent, Jack Curtis, Billy Bevan, Fanny Kelly, Sunshine Hart, Andy Clyde, Dot Farley, Leo Sulky, Louise Carver, Marvin Lobach

Three Foolish Weeks  
#144 (9/14/24)
Directors: Reggie Morris & Ed Kennedy   
cam: Billy Williams & Leland Davis
spec cam: Ernie Crockett  
ed: Wm Hornbeck  
Supv: F. Richard Jones
Ben Turpin, Madeline Hurlock, Christian J. Frank, Judy King, William Lowery, Billy Bevan, Tiny Ward, Jack Duffy, Fanny Kelly, Eli Stanton. (wt: Three and a Half Weeks)

The Reel Virginian 
#148 (10/26/24)
Directors: Reggie Morris & Ed Kennedy  
cam: George Crocker & Bob Ladd
spec cam: Ernie Crockett
ed: Wm Hornbeck
titles: J.A. Waldron
Supv: F. Richard Jones
Ben Turpin (Sheriff Rodney St. Clair), Alice Day, Christian J. Frank, Sam Allen, Fred KoVert, Alice Belcher, Coy Watson
(wt: A West Virginian)

The Wild Goose Chaser  
#166 (1/18/25)
Director: Lloyd Bacon   
cam: George Crocker & Sam Moran  
story: Frank Capra   
titles: Felix Adler & A.H. Giebler
spec cam: Ernie Crockett   
ed: Wm Hornbeck   
Supervised by: J.A. Waldron
Ben Turpin (Rodney St. Clair), Trilby Clark, Jack Cooper, Eugenia Gilbert, Leo Sulky, Blanche Payson, Evelyn Francisco, Barney Hellum, Louise Carver, Thelma Hill (wt:Hello Baby)

A Raspberry Romance 
#161 (3/1/25)  (EYE)
Director: Lloyd Bacon   
cam: George Crocker & Sam Moran
story: Jefferson Moffitt & Hal Yates  
titles: Felix Adler & A.H. Giebler
spec cam: Ernie Crockett   
ed: Wm Hornbeck   Supv: J.A. Waldron
Ben Turpin (Rodney St. Clair), Blanche Payson, Jack Cooper, Madeline Hurlock, Thelma Parr, Leo Sulky, Barney Hellum, William McCall, Silas Wilcox, Alice Belcher, Irving Bacon, Evelyn Francisco, Thelma Hill, Eli Stanton, Evelyn Sherman

The Marriage Circus  
#155 (4/12/25)  (MOMA)
Directors: Reggie Morris & Ed Kennedy  
cam: George Spear & Leland Davis
story: Vernon Smith & Frank Capra    
titles: Felix Adler & A.H. Giebler
spec cam: Ernie Crockett    
ed: Wm Hornbeck    Supv: J.A. Waldron
Ben Turpin, Madeline Hurlock, Louise Carver, Christian J. Frank, Sunshine Hart, Ford West, Bud Ross, Pat Kelly, Andre Bailey, Claire Cushman, Thelma Hill, Evelyn Sherman, Heinie Conklin (wt: Monsieur Don’t Care)

The Squawk Man   #173? (1925 never produced)  story: Al Martin.  A parody of The Covered Wagon intended for production after completion of The Wild Goose Chaser but never realized due to Turpin’s sudden retirement

Blanche Payson and some lovely ladies in When A Man’s A Prince
When a Man’s a Prince  
#220 (8/15/26)   Director: Eddie Cline   
camera: Vernon Walker
story: Vernon Smith, Clarence Hennecke, Harry McCoy, Jefferson Moffit, George Green
special camera: Ernie Crockett   
editor: Wm Hornbeck
titles: A.H. Giebler & Reed Heustis   Supv: J.A. Waldron
Turpin’s return to Sennett starring Madeline Hurlock, Blanche Payson, Danny O’Shea, Dave Morris, George Gray, Bud Ross, Sunshine Hart, Leo Sulky, James Donnelly, Arthur Rowlands

A Prodigal Bridegroom  
#236 (9/26/26)   Director: Lloyd Bacon   
cam: Earl Stafford
spec cam: K.G. MacLean
story: Jefferson Moffitt, Clarence Hennecke, Harry McCoy
ed: Wm Hornbeck    Supv: J.A. Waldron
Ben Turpin (Rodney St. Clair), Thelma Hill, Madeline Hurlock, Andy Clyde, William McCall, Irving Bacon, Louise Carver, Marvin Lobach, Dave Morris, Vernon Dent, Patsy O’Byrne, Barney Hellum, Joe Young. Clip used in Robert Youngson’s The Golden Age of Comedy.

A Harem Knight   #243 (11/7/26) 
Dir: Gil Pratt; camera: Harry Fowler & Wallace Fishspec cam: K.G. MacLean; ed: Wm HornbeckSupv: J.A. Waldron
Ben Turpin (Rodney St. Clair), Madeline Hurlock, Danny O’Shea, Andy Clyde, Marvin Loback, Dave Morris, Arthur Rowlands, Louise Carver, Joe Young, George Gray, Billy Gilbert, Irving Bacon, Barney Hellum. Clip used in Youngson’s The Golden Age of Comedy.

A Blonde’s Revenge with Billy Gilbert, Vernon Dent, and Barbara Tennant
A Blonde’s Revenge  
#256 (12/19/26)   Dir: Del Lord(?)  
story: P. Whitman, H. McCoy, J. Moffitt   Supv: J.A. Waldron
Ben Turpin (Gerald Montague, a Live Politician), Ruth Taylor, Vernon Dent, Johnny Burke, Alice Belcher, Barbara Tennant, Barney Hellum, Irving Bacon, Mary Ann Jackson, Thelma Parr, Dave Morris, William McCall, Alma Bennett, Mary Mabery, Johnny Burke, Arthur Rowlands

A Hollywood Hero  
#264 (12/30/26)  (Eastman House)
Director: Harry Edwards
cam: Billy Williams; ed: Wm Hornbeck
story: Carl Harbaugh, Phil Whitman, Harry Edwards & George Jeske
titles: A.H. Giebler & Jimmy Starr
Supv: J.A. Waldron
Ben Turpin, Alma Bennett, Bud Jamison, Irving Bacon, Marvin Lobach, William McCall, Bobby Dunn, Eleanor Hibbard (wt:Montague the Magnetic)

Broke in China   #241 (4/24/27)
Director: Eddie Cline;  assistant director: Glen DeVol  
story: Vernon Smith, Harry McCoy, Jefferson Moffitt, and George Jeske
cam: Harry Fowler;  spec cam: Earl Stafford;  ed: Wm Hornbeck
titles: A.H. Giebler & David Weissman
Supervisor: J.A. Waldron
Ben Turpin (An American Sailor), Louise Carver, Alice Belcher, Donald Maines, Ruth Taylor, William McCall, Dave Morris, Andy Clyde, Joe Young, Tiny Ward, Bud Ross, Marvin Loach

The Pride of Pikeville   #251 (6/5/27)
Director: Alf Goulding   
assistant directors: Glen DeVol & Ray McCarey
camera: St. Elmo Boyce
special camera: K.G. MacLean
editor: Wm Hornbeck
Supervisor: J.A. Waldron
story: Earle Rodney, Jefferson Moffitt, Clarence Hennecke, Phil Whitman, Harry McCoy, Grover Jones, Randall Faye and Lex Neal   titles: A.H. Giebler
Ben Turpin (Baron Bonamo), Thelma Hill, Andy Clyde, William McCall, Stanley Blystone, Barney Hellum, Vernon Dent

The Jolly Jilter   #261 (3/13/27)  
Director: Eddie Cline(?)   
editor: Wm Hornbeck   
Supervisor: J.A. Waldron
story: Arthur Ripley, Clarence Hennecke,
Grover Jones, Harry McCoy & Phil Whitman
Ben Turpin (Virgil Vancourt), Madeline Hurlock, Sunshine Hart, Alma Bennett, Billy Gilbert. Clip used in Youngson’s The Golden Age of Comedy.

Love’s Languid Lure  
#268 (8/28/27)
Director: Lige Conley   
camera: Vernon Walker
editor: Wm Hornbeck
story: Phil Whitman, Harry McCoy, Harry Edwards, Vernon Smith and Ralph Cedar
titles: A.H. Giebler & Jimmy Starr  
Supervisor: J.A. Waldron
Ben Turpin, Peggy Montgomery, Jack Cooper, Irving Bacon, Sunshine Hart

#276 (10/23/27)  (Lobster Films)
Director: Harry Edwards   
camera: Lee Davis & Lewis Jennings
story: Phil Whitman & Jefferson Moffitt
titles: A.H.Giebler & Jimmy Starr
editor: Wm Hornbeck
Supervisor: J.A. Waldron
Ben Turpin, Alma Bennett, Johnny Burke, Bill Searby, Alice Ward, William McCall. Ben’s last starring Sennett two-reeler.


  1. Hi Steve, My name is vidarbha and I am conducting a research on behalf of a non profit organization and have been looking for a clip that was significant in establishing the organization. Here is a short description of the clip. could it be a Ben Turpin clip.

    it is a clip where the actor sits on a bench and some boys put glue on it so his coat gets stuck. when he gets up there is a rip and then when he is dancing with a ripped coat tail. he starts to dance with a lot of gusto and enthusiasm that everybody thinks it is a new fashion and they also go and rip their own coat tails and start dancing. in this way he starts a new trend.

    any lead on this would be deeply appreciated. with gratitude and thanks.

    1. Hello Vidarbha, so sorry about my delay. When I didn't recognize your description as being a Ben Turpin comedy, I asked my many film friends at Facebook about it to which I received no answers. Sounds like maybe a Hal Roach comedy of the mid to late 1920's to me. Good luck figuring this one out, I hope you do. - SR

  2. excuse me, do you know a short film called "rip ben rip" ? I think it's from comedy capers ?? thanks

    1. Hello Francisco, and thanks for your question. 'Rip, Ben, Rip' is one of those much later re-titled re-issues of an earlier Turpin film. I don't recall if I saw the film you mention, although I'm thinking it might be a clip from one of his Weiss Brothers-Artclass two-reelers of the late 1920s. If you can point me to a copy online or supply a frame grab or two, I'd have a much better idea of the original film. Thank you. - SR